Who can use LIST101?
Any person with a minimum age of 13. Who owns an iOS or Android based device (iPhone/iPad, Smart Phone or tablet).
iPhone 5 or later is supported and the latest version of iOS is recommended for optimal performance. (Note: Android goes LIVE primo 2018)

What makes LIST101 different from other social media platforms?
Many features and aspects of the LIST101 concept sets it aside from other social media.
Other than providing some powerful communication and sharing tools, LIST101 lets you and the rest of world determine and measure each user’s popularity and social status.
One of the most noticeable differences is the gamification element of the social experience. LIST101 is a real life game where users’ every action has a direct influence on themselves as well as on other fellow users popularity.

How does it work?
You sign up via Facebook. LIST101 then analyse your FB profile and depending on the number og friends and followers, number of posts and likes, etc., LIST101 provides you with a starting Popularity and Influence score. You can boost this score by adding more SoME accounts either during sign up or afterwards under “Settings”.
Your score is then being compared to all other users’ scores and you are being ranked on 4 “root area lists”: your city list, your region/state list, your country list and the global list (all users).
Now the game begins! Start using LIST101 like you would use Facebook or Instagram and see how you now gain or loose more Popularity and Influence Points.

I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I still use LIST101?
No. A Facebook account is required for profile registration and login.

What’s the difference between Popularity Points and Influence Points?
Each user is being ranked on various lists. Whenever other users interact with your shared content (for instance if they like or comment on one of your posts) you are automatically awarded a number of Popularity Points that affects your position on the various Popularity Lists. If, on the other hand, you interact with another user’s content you are awarded Influence Points and your rank on the Influence List is affected.

What’s the difference between Likes, Super Likes and Dislikes?
When you like someone’s content, Popularity Points are being added to their Popularity Score. When you Super Like, even more points are being added, but you can only Super Like 5 times a day. When you Dislike someone’s content, points will be deducted from their Popularity Score. Liking and Super Liking notifies the content creator that you appreciated their content, whereas Disliking happens anonymously – so nobody will know that you disliked a particular piece of content. However, continuous disliking of a specific user’s content will put you in “Hater” mode and remove your privilege of interaction for a given period of time.

Why did someone dislike my post or comment for no apparent reason?
9 out of 10 times when users dislike a post or a comment you’ve made it is because they feel that you are either “Wall Raping” or “Point Hunting”, both of which are not considered good etiquette. “Wall Raping” means that you are tagging a lot of your supporters in a post only to get your post displayed in as many wall feeds as possible. You should only tag people to whom your post is very relevant. Point Hunting, is behaviour done with the sole purpose of increasing your Popularity Score. An example would be posting identical short comments to every piece of content another user has shared in the hope that other users will like your comments and thereby increase your popularity score.
People are good at detecting if Point Hunting, rather than sincere interaction, is your main objective and thus it sometimes have the opposite and less desirable effect, that you end up hunting dislikes. We encourage meaningful interaction between people, so if you consider this etiquette, you will keep your dislikes at a minimum 🙂

What is “Hater” mode?
If you harass a user by cotinuoulsly Disliking their content and thus affecting their Popularity Score negatively, you will get a warning. If you disregard the warning and keep on harassing the same user, your profile and profile picture will be stamped “Hater” for all to see and you will temporarily loose your ability Dislike or comment on any user’s content. Each time you get the undesirable Hater stamp, your privileges will be disabled for a prolonged time.

How does “Boosting” work?
If you particularly like someone and you see their name on any of the Popularity Lists, you can boost their Popularity Points by holding (long pressing) your finger on their profile in the Popularity List until you see a yellow bar gradually covering their profile. The longer you keep your finger pressed on the profile, the more Popularity Points you award to that profile.
Note: In the top of the screen you can always see a thin orange line. This indicates how much boosting power you have available. Whenever you boost someone’s profile, you will see that your boosting power depletes in correlation to the boost you give to someone. Your boosting power gradually regenerates over time.
Note: The higher an “Influence Level” your have, the faster your Boosting Power regenerates! (See: How does “Influence Level” work?)

How can I increase my Popularity Score?
Your Popularity Score is comprised of a great number of factors. Some of the things taken into consideration is your popularity on other social media platforms. Having many friends on Facebook increases your score. Having many followers on Instagram increases your score – which is why it is a good idea to go into the Settings page and attach your Instagram account to your LIST101 profile. Having many supporters on LIST101 also increases your score. Likewise creating content that produces positive reactions from your LIST101 supporters also adds Popularity Points to your score.

Why has my Popularity Score decreased?
A certain amount of Popularity Decay is built into our points algorithms. This means that over time some of your Popularity Points will vanish. Note: Depending on your total score, a varying degree of activity (creating posts and interacting with other users) is necessary to maintain or increase your Popularity Score.

Can you explain in a bit more detail how my Popularity is scored?
A lot of varying information is gathered and factored into the scoring and the decay algorithm. Basically your Popularity Score is comprised of two main chunks of points:
1) Your “Base Points” (which are based on your number of friends, followers, supporters, subscribers etc. across LIST101 and your other Social Media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram) and
2) Your “Praise Points” (which are earned when your supporters interact with your profile and shared content).
Your Praise Points/Score decay over time, whereas your Base Score does not.
This means that if you are influential/popular on other social media platforms (outside of LIST101) or a public figure in real life, your total Popularity Score will not decrease as much/fast as it will if nobody knows you.
In other words, by being active on LIST101 you essentially increase you Praise Points (which is only part of your total Popularity Score). But as these Praise Points decay over time, it is harder to maintain a a high ranking on LIST101 if you’re not popular outside of LIST101.

Why is a decay of points/score necessary?
We believe that content shared a year ago or even a month ago is not as relevant as content shared today.
As the actuality of the content decreases over time, the value of the Popularity Points gained from that specific piece of content decreases along with it.
On another note: If LIST101 did not have a decay mechanism, everybody’s score would just keep going up indefinitely.
This would mean that members joining LIST101 in the future would have no chance of catching up with the first members who have been active on the app for a much longer period of time. This would not provide an accurate representation of real-life popularity.

How do I add my Instagram Account to LIST101?
1) Click the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen and open the Settings page.
2) Click “Connected Social Media Accounts”.
3) Select Instagram from the list and log in using your Instagram login information.
4) LIST101 will now recalculate your Popularity Score, taking your number of Instagram followers into account.

How can I increase my Influence Score?
Using the LIST101 app actively automatically increases your Influence Score.
The more you interact with other profiles and their shared content the more Influence Points you gain.
Boosting profiles, liking and commenting on content all increases your influence. Even just looking at another user’s profile adds a small amount of Influence Points to your score.

Why has my Influence Score decreased?
Like your Popularity Score, your Influence Score also has a certain amount of built in decay. If you stop interacting with other users, Influence Score starts to slowly decrease.

How does “Influence Level” work?
All users (regardless of their Popularity Scores and Influence Scores) start out on Influence Level 1.
By interacting with different users you can rise to the next Influence Level. Eventually – if you support a lot of people and interact with their content – you can reach Influence Level 13, the highest degree of Influence.
Your Influence Level acts as a multiplying factor of the Popularity Points awarded to other user’s when you interact with their content. So in this regard, a higher Influence Level means increased power over other user’s popularity!
This mechanism makes influential fans very attractive/valuable to “high profile talents”.

How does the Popularity List work?
LIST101 actually has many Popularity Lists based on geography.
All users are automatically added to the Global list. But in addition you’re also added to your Country, Region/State and City lists.
However, regional lists are not created until a minimum of 101 people from that particular area has joined LIST101.
On each profile you can see the person’s rank on the list where they have the highest position.
The geographically based lists are called “Official Lists”. Aside from these, any user can also create “Private Lists” based on criteria other than geography. See the paragraph below.

What is “Private Lists”?
All users have the ability to create their own types of Popularity Lists, called Private Lists.
Private Lists serves as a way for people who are part of a particular group or community to both communicate and compete. A Private List could for instance be for your school, your best friends, a soccer team, all the top politicians in your country, popular TV hosts, people of a certain age… anything you can imagine.
To create a Private List open the menu in the upper left corner of the screen and go click “Private Lists”. Click the “+” plus-icon to create a new list and invite people to join.

What does it mean to support another user?
To support someone means that you follow their LIST101 activity. Supporting does not have to be a mutual act – meaning if someone supports you, you are not required to support them back – even though they’d likely appreciate it 🙂
To support someone you simply open their profile and click the Support button under their profile photo. To un-support, simply click the button again.
In the feed, you can see an aggregated feed of posts from all the people you support.
Supporting people increases your Influence Score and likewise being supported increases your Popularity Score.

Is there a way to keep track of my supporters?
You bet. On your profile, go ahead and click the “Audience” button.
This takes you to a section with a list of all the people that support you and also all the people that you support. Sorted top-down.
In the “Supporters”-tab you can see the number of points you have received by each person supporting you.
Likewise, in the “Supporting”-tab, you can see how many points you have awarded to each of the members you support.

Pro tip 1:
In the Popularity Lists, next to each name you can see if you support this person and if they support you. A green checkmark means that you support them and a yellow checkmark means that they support you.

Pro tip 2:
If you click the Audience-button on other members’ profiles, you can see information about who support them and who they support the most.

What should I do if a user offends me?
If a user posts something you find offending you can dislike the post. This action is anonymous and deducts points from the post-creator’s popularity score. The post creator will be notified that someone disliked that piece of content, but will not know your identity. If you simply find a user’s posts irrelevant to you, you can simply un-support them to stop seeing their posts.
If you think that a user violates LIST101’s terms of use, you have the option to “Report” either the profile or a specific piece of content they have shared. To report something click the context menu (icon of three vertical dots) and select “Report”.

Where can I see the shared content of the people I support?
In the feed (click the star-icon in the bottom-bar menu) you will see a feed comprised of the posts from all the people you support. Here you also have the option to see “Top Content” meaning content that is currently trending (measured by how many people has interacted with a particular post).

Who can see my posts / shared content?
People who support you will see your posts in their feed, but any member of LIST101 can see your content by viewing your profile. So in this sense your profile is public and you should only share content that you do not regard as private, intimate or secret. By using LIST101 you accept our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms of Use.

Can I share my LIST101 posts on Facebook?
Yes. The first time you create a post on LIST101 you get the option to turn on automatic Facebook sharing.
You can toggle this option on/off every time you create a new post.
When you create a new post, your phone’s on-screen keyboard appears. Right above this keyboard, you will see a Facebook icon. Clicking the icon makes it either active (colored blue) or inactive (dimmed grey) indicating if Facebook sharing is turned on or off.

How do I disable automatic Facebook sharing?
Simply click the Facebook icon to make it dimmed/grey to disable sharing.
For more details, see the paragraph “Can I share my LIST101 posts on Facebook” above.

How do I charge another user to read my messages?
When composing a new message to someone, right above the text input field, you will see a button named “Message Fee: Free”. This indicates that the person you are chatting with can freely read your message. If you click the Message Fee button you get the option to charge the person you are chatting with a fee of your choice to see the contents of the message you send. Whatever content you send (text, links, images, videos) will be blurred to the recipient until they pay the fee you have specified. After the recipient has paid to receive the message contents, they get the option to rate the value of the purchase (See the paragraph “What is Message Rating” below).

What is “Message Rating”?
After a recipient has paid a Message Fee, they get the option to review/rate the purchased to content with 1 to 5 stars. All LIST101 users can see your average Message Rating, so you should never charge more for your content than what you think is fair. A poor message rating makes it harder for you to sell your content in the future.

How much money can I make on Message Fees?
If you are popular and produce content that people like, there is no limit to how much money you can make.
You set the price of every piece of content you create/sell. 50% of the fees you charge will be paid out to your PayPal or bank account.
The other 50% goes to LIST101 to cover Apple’s in-app purchase fees, PayPal fees, and various costs associated with the payments and operations in general.

When can I get the money I have earned?
Under “Settings” > “Account” you can keep track of how much money you have accumulated in your LIST101 account.
Every 45 days, LIST101 transfers the accumulated amount to your bank account.
Note, depending on your country of residence and the variable exchange rate, the amount coming into your bank account may differ slightly from the amount shown in your LIST101 account.

I deleted the app. Is my profile then deleted too?
Nope. Your profile information is not stored in the app, but on our servers. So if you delete the app or loose your phone your profile stays intact. If you want to delete your LIST101 profile, you can do it by opening the menu in the upper left corner and clicking “Settings” > “Delete account”.

I regret deleting my profile. Can I undo it?
Sure, no problem. However, all popularity points accumulated by your previous activity will be lost.
If you try to log on the app after having deleted your LIST101 account. You will be given the choice to create a brand new profile (in which case your old profile will be lost forever) or reactivate your old/previous profile. If you reactivate your old profile, LIST101 restores your account including your photos, comments and connections (people who support you and people you support). Upon reactivation your Popularity Score will be recalculated based on your Facebook friends, Instagram followers, LIST101 supporters and other factors, but not points you have been awarded by previous LIST101 activity.

Can I get help with an issue that’s not mentioned in this FAQ?
Absolutely, we’re here to assist you at help@list101global.com